About Your Perfect Words


Thank you for visiting Your Perfect Words.  My name is Diana Warshow and I started YPW in 2010 because I believe that words can make an impact. The words we write or say can have a lasting effect, especially for a special and momentous event or occasion. 

With a bachelors degree in Journalism, a law degree, experience writing for magazines and newspapers, as well as a successful legal career, I have gained years of practice and tools necessary to writing with purpose. 

I have had a passion for writing since a very young age.  I was writing poems and stories for family and friends since I learned my ABC's.  I poured over dictionaries and thesauruses to find the right words and quickly saw the impact that the written word can have on people.  I loved hearing people laugh at a funny line in a speech or tear up when presented with a framed poem that I had written for them.

I took my love of writing further by obtaining my bachelors degree in Journalism from Lehigh University. I used my experience working for magazines, writing newspaper columns, and submitting poems and prose to competitions to transition into the legal field. Completing my legal education from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law and practicing law for many year has given me a new kind of writing and editing experience. It is this experience that has helped me get a point across and affect the reader with my writing in a purposeful manner.

Your Perfect Words was the natural next step in my writing career and has truly been a blessing. I love helping others find their perfect words (pun intended). The feedback I have received from happy clients makes it all worth it. Most importantly, I enjoy the process of getting each word just right for each particular client. We will never use a "form" speech or a template. And whether the process requires several rewrites, I'm happy knowing the end product is personalized and perfected.

I believe that everyone should have a friend to call when they need to put their thoughts and feelings into words.  I realize that sometimes people cannot come up with the words themselves, even though the love is there.  That is why I started Your Perfect Words, so everyone can put their thoughts and feelings into words.