Thank you for visiting Your Perfect Words.  My name is Diana Rachel and I started this company because I believe that words can make an impact when said or written in the right way.  I believe that I was born with a skill ("gift" would probably be overkill) that has come naturally all my life.  From a very young age I was writing poems and speeches for family and friends.  I poured over dictionaries and thesauruses to find the right words to present to someone or read at a special event.  I saw early on the impact that these writings can have on people.  I loved hearing people laugh at a funny line in a speech or tear up when presented with a framed poem that I had written for them.
I took my love of writing further by obtaining my bachelors degree in Journalism.  I gained further skills in the journalism industry, learning to write succinctly and clearly.  I worked for magazines, wrote newspaper columns, and all the while continued to write poetry and stories on the side.
For the past ten years I have written speeches, poems, invitations, and more for friends and family, on their behalf.  When someone planned an event - big or small - they called on me to draft the wording of the invitation.  When friends got married, I wrote the speeches and vows they would read.  When a relative celebrated a Bar Mitzvah, I wrote the rhymes they would recite to call people up to light the candles.  When someone needed to present a touching gift to their parent or significant other, I drafted the poem they would read.
I have a specific knack for rhyming and can make anything - invitation, speech, etc. - rhyme.  Also, I possess the wit and humor that can spice up any piece of writing, while still maintaining a "family appropriate" decorum.  Of course, if the piece of writing is intended for a different audience, I can easily step away from the "PG" as well. 
My staff is respectful and friendly but ultimately everything goes through me and has a personal touch.  Each piece of writing is unique and we do not pull from a template or previously used prose.
I believe that everyone should have a friend to call when they need to put their thoughts and feelings into words.  I realize that sometimes people cannot come up with the words themselves, even though the love is there.  That is why I started Your Perfect Words.  I hope this inspires people to communicate what they are feeling and thinking when they would otherwise opt to remain silent.
Diana Rachel