Information provided:

I am the Maid of Honor in my brother’s wedding. I’d like to convey uniqueness of my situation, ie; older and therefore protective sister of the groom, Seth (I am 10yrs older). I was asked by my future sister-in-law, Karen, to be Maid of Honor.

Karen is genuinely kind to everyone she knows amd meets, respects everyone for who they are, adored my children from the first day she met them, likes to have a good time, extremely easy going, and always appreciative. I also want to discuss the lifelong friendships that she has developed since she was a little girl. Karen lost her dad due to cancer about a year before she met my brother and I would somehow like to make mention of her dad.



Seth is extremely compassionate, values his family, is very funny yet subtle, and is always himself.  I wanted to discuss the day Seth was born, 34 years ago and it’s still so clear in my mind! I was turning 10, just got home from a sleepover at my friend’s house and my dad said we are going to the hospital because mom is going to have the baby! When the nurse came out to let us know my brother was born, I suddenly felt myself sitting on top of the world! I was so thrilled, and felt like such a big shot! Then it was time to see him for the first time and we were looking through the glass of the nursery at my brand new baby brother who was a crinkled up, purple in color and looking nothing like I imagined. Growing up, Seth was always my biggest fan, when it came time for me to go to college he made a drawing of a picture of me hanging out the window of my dorm, and told us that he hoped the school would blow up so I wouldn't have to go! Because of my little brother, I learned to care for someone that you genuinely feel responsible for and not to do certain things like testing out your new bb gun on someone passing by the house! 


I want him to know how proud of him I am as his sister, and how thankful I am to have him as a brother and uncle to my kids! On that note, I had cancer when my children were babies, and Seth was a huge help to me and my husband, with our kids, and I also want to mention that without dwelling on my illness!


Information Provided:

My boss, Jasmine (we call her “Jazz”), is leaving and I need to read a speech at her farewell reception. She is leaving New York to start a company in DC. She was more of a friend than a boss and maintained a collegial atmosphere at the office. She was never formal and always joking around and talking to us about our relationship problems, what parties we attended on the weekend, how the date with the latest guy went, the latest sale at Bloomingdales, etc. She used to be an actress but stopped pursuing that field (she really despised the industry) to enter our PR firm and quickly rose over the years to a high position, with many people working under her.  



What can we say about such a boss, 
Who is someone’s gain but sadly our loss, 
She’s kept us sane and on our toes, 
Through all the highs and all the lows. 

She greets you daily with a big bright smile, 
And is always up to chat for a while, 
About that awesome party or really cute guy, 
And especially a Bloomingdales buy. 

With unruly clients she will grin and bear, 
Even though she wants to pull out her hair, 
Such patience you can only learn from a book, 
In “Becoming Jazz for Dummies” I’ll have to look. 

Such versatility she does possess, 
A PR maven and fine actress, 
A jack of all trades is what she is, 
Yet smart enough to avoid show biz. 

Yes to be like Jasmine, you have to be smart, 
But her humor really sets her apart, 
Integrity that you see oh so rarely, 
Such elegance and grace others achieve barely. 

New York will be missing a shining star, 
But her light will shine brightly from afar, 
DC is about to be blessed with her pizzazz, 
The one and only, the incredible Jazz.