Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How much information should I include in my request?


Answer:  There is no such thing as too much or too little information for this service, but this should serve as an easy guide:

  • Start by telling us the occasion for which you need a piece of writing for and what kind of writing you are seeking (poem, speech, invitation, etc.) .
  • Are you reading it or printing it to present to someone?  If you are reading it, please let us know the type of audience (friends, children, family, business associates, etc.).  
  • Feel free to tell us what you’d like to achieve – laughter, tears, appreciation. 
  • Are there any funny anecdotes to share? What is the recipient like?  What is their job, family situation, hobbies?  Are there any nicknames or funny jokes often made about the recipient? 
  • Do you have an restrictions on the content and its maturity?

Remember, you can always email us with more later on!

Question:  Is there any chance that someone else will get the same or similar poem or speech that I receive?


Answer:  No.  Every single piece of writing we produce is completely unique to you and your recipient or occasion.  We will not send you a recycled poem or previously used speech, and we will not send your final product to other customers.  That is a 100% guaranteed promise. 

Question: Can I pay with PayPal?


Answer:  Of course! Simply reach out to us through the Contact page, or sent us an email at and we'll be in touch right away to set it up.

Question:  How quickly can I receive the product? What if I need it right away?


Answer:  We guarantee, within reason, to produce a completed piece of writing in your inbox as quickly as one can be written.  Each request is different and may require a longer or shorter time of production. 

A request for a speech can take under a week, especially if you’ve included a wide array of anecdotes and information.  Conversely, if you request custom wedding vows and would like to work with us throughout the process, it may require several weeks to complete, as there may likely be a back-and-forth in email communication.  Timing will also depend on how much editing you request after receiving a draft (all editing is of course included in the price!)

 Please let us know upfront how much time you might need and we'll make sure to fill your request. We will always be honest about how much time it is expected to take!

Question:  What if I’m not completely happy with what I’m sent?  Do I have to change it myself?


Answer:  Absolutely not.  Our job is not done until you are 100% happy with the piece of writing.  We welcome suggestions and complaints you might have after receiving a draft.  If you want to take something out, add in some information you hadn’t thought of previously, or would like it to be funnier or more touching, we will change that as well.  This is a process, and while many customers are completely satisfied with the first draft they receive, there is no problem at all if some customers find that changes should be made.  Our lines of communication are always open and we will reply to your inquiries, concerns, and suggestions promptly to make sure that no matter how much editing is required in the process, the final product is still produced in a timely manner, with no extra cost.

Question: Are there any hidden fees?


Answer:  No, there are absolutely no additional hidden fees beyond the initial purchase price.  What you see is what you pay.  Your Perfect Words will never charge you extra, no matter how much extra time and writing goes into making your custom writing 100% perfect.  And if you order a custom creation, our quoted price will never change after we begin the writing process.

Question:  What if I have to cancel my order?


Answer:  As this is a very personalized service, and we tend to begin working on your request right away, refunds are not available for canceling of an order.  If you are on the fence about whether to use our service, we suggest contacting us first with what you’re looking for through the Contact Us section before putting in your order.  We understand that events may be canceled and that circumstances occur that are beyond your control.  If a change occurs, you will have until the time a piece of writing is sent to you to let us know of the change.  Should that happen, you will be credited with the type of writing for which you were charged, which can be redeemed at any time for any future occasion that may come up.


Have a question that isn't answered above? Contact us!