I had to write an invitation to my brother’s surprise birthday party. Since it was being sent to a lot of people, I wanted it to sound right. I had a lot of trouble making the invitation sound sincere yet witty, so I contacted Your Perfect Words. After a bit of communication about what I wanted, I received the perfectly worded invitation in my email just a few days later. My family and brother’s friends called me personally to tell me how blown away they were at what “I” had written.  I’ll never word an invitation myself again!

-Sabrina K. 

I was the best man at my friend’s wedding. I don’t really have a “way with words” and spend about a month crossing out words I’d jot down. I was worried about being embarrassed but I also wanted to give a speech the couple would remember forever. Your perfect words wrote me the perfect speech. It sounded great but it also sounded like me, which was key. I’m very appreciative.

-Andrew A. 

I was proposing to my girlfriend in front of all her family and friends and I was worried about what I’d say. I knew the things I wanted to tell her but just couldn’t put it into the right words. I worked with Your Perfect Words for a few weeks, and was surprised that they didn’t get frustrated each time I sent back things I wanted to change or things I thought of that I wanted to add last minute. They were patient and very kind, holding my hand along the way. My wife still cries when she watches the video of the proposal speech.

-James T.

Your Perfect Words wrote a poem for my law school senatorial campaign. At first, I wasn't sure whether having a poem as part of my campaign platform was a good idea, but after several email correspondences, they put me at ease by giving me lots of options and making edits based on my request. My fellow classmates told me that the poem really made an impact in their voting because I stood out from the crowd of other nominees. And, not only did I win, but I received more votes than anyone else in my year. I couldn't have been happier with the result!

-Jessica S. 

Your Perfect Words wrote me the BEST poem for my aunt & uncle's 25th Anniversary party.  My mom read it out loud in front of the whole party (about 150 guests) and everyone in the crowd loved it -- lots of laughter and "awww's".  It was truly f that I wanted to add last minute. They were patient and very kind, holding my hand along the way. My wife still cries when she watches the video of the proposal speech.

-James T. 

We wanted to write out own vows at our wedding to do something a bit original and personal but neither of us are great writers. Someone told us about Your Perfect Words and at first we thought it would be weird to have someone else write our vows, but decided to inquire anyway. We were happily surprised to see right away how much we could be part of the process ourselves. They worked with each of us separately so it was still a surprise to hear each other’s vows on the special day and it took away a lot of the stress that a wedding already causes. We are so glad we decided to do it this way!

-Emma and Carl H.

My son was preparing for his Bar Mitzvah a year ago and we wanted to add a special touch to the event.  I thought that it would be a good idea to spice up the candle-lighting ceremony by doing it in rhyme rather than just having my son read a few lines about each person he was going to call up.  I sent Your Perfect Words a list of the people who would be called up for each candle, and a few attributes and memories pertaining to that person.  The result was fantastic.  The short poems written for each candle were touching and also humorous…and they all rhymed! All 200 guests were laughing and crying during that part of the Bar Mitzvah and that’s still what people mention was their favorite part!

-Karen G.